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Copyright: How it Relates to Protecting Inventions

The federal copyright law protects all types of works of authorship, including writings of all kinds, music, movies, videos, drawings, paintings, ...

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Copyright Definitions

Get explanations for every copyright term

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DRMs and EULA: Protecting Apps and Software

Software and web applications are commonly protected in two ways: digital rights management (DRM) systems, and end-user license agreements (EULAs)

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Copyright Lawsuits

Copyright lawsuits are nearly always battles over whether someone has infringed a work.

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Copyrights: Works Made for Hire

Normally, the person who creates the work is the author and owner of copyright.  But under certain circumstances, someone who employs or supervises...

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Transferring or Licensing a Copyright

Each right granted under copyright is separate and divisible and can be transferred, licensed or otherwise granted to a third party who becomes th...

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Copyright Infringement & Web Piracy

The ease with which copyrighted materials can be copied and distributed on the Internet has resulted in some new rules regarding copyright enforceme...

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Copyright Infringement

When an individual or entity obtains a copyright concerning a creative work, or any piece of copyrightable intellectual property, these copyright ho...

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Copyright FAQs

What is copyright? Title 17 of the U.S. Code provides copyright protection to original, creative works fixed in tangible form...

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Copyright Duration

Copyright law is intended to give the owner of the work a monopoly for a limited number of years. After that, it falls into the public domain for an...

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Copyrights and Public Domain

Material that is not protected under copyright (or other proprietary laws) is free for the public to use and is considered to be in the public domai...

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