We provide high caliber intellectual property services - patents, trademarks, copyrights & trade secrets - at modest pricing. Call for free consultation with an expert. Ask for our managing partner, Cameron H. Tousi.

Firm Overview

Small/Medium Businesses, Startups and Individuals -

* Welcome! Our firm offers IP legal services to small/medium businesses, startups and independent inventors;
* To be specific, we specialize in patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Please see below for descriptions and pricing;
* As a Nolo provider, our initial consultation for you is free.
* Also, click on the "Firm Specialties" tab for our more complex IP services: analyses/opinions, transactions/contracts and litigation/appeals.
* Don't forget to click on "Videos," which will be informative for you - and see our firm's website below for more information!

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Cameron H. Tousi
Managing Partner

Value-Added -

*Despite much lesser costs, our services are comparable to those provided by general practice firms to large businesses.
*We know, because our attorneys were seasoned partners, senior counsel and managers at these firms, who bring advanced degrees and industry expertise in numerous technologies.

Our Differentiators -

* Larger firms provide the legal and technology expertise for good IP protection, but it comes at a high cost due to their high overhead;
--also, because they must seek higher profits, they often fail to provide sufficiently collaborative, user-friendly services for startups and individuals;
* Smaller firms provide affordability, but typically without the greater expertise of larger, general practice firms;
--also, they typically lack sufficient depth in multiple areas of law, really having expertise in only: patent drafting/prosecution, or business transactions, or litigation;
* We perform basic IP services for hundreds of clients throughout the world, handle sophisticated business issues for financing and operations, and represent leading corporations in major complex IP litigation (see "Representative Litigations" on our firm's website);
* Frankly, the result is a much better product: our patents and other IP products hold up to due diligence review by angels, VC's and executives, and licensing/enforcement in the marketplace:
--that's why we're a preferred product for serious inventors, business persons, and those who have been through the IP process before.

For a full list of our legal services, please see: www.iplawleaders.com/practice-areas/. Below is a list of our basic IP services.

Patent Searches -

* Inventors are provided an invention disclosure form;
* In coordination with a patent attorney, written documentation, records, photographs, prototypes, drawings and sketches are prepared;
* Searches of references (i.e., "prior art") are performed in multiple databases to determine if the inventive concept or similar concepts existed before the decision is made to seek patent protection for an invention.

Patent Drafting & Filing -

* Determining the scope of intellectual property coverage via claims, and the relevant contributions to the claims to determine inventorship;
* Determining: the significance of the invention with respect to the state-of-the-art; the date of conception; the existence of licensing encumbrances or litigation; prior or planned oral presentations and publications;
* Preparing a detailed description of the invention and corresponding drawings;
* Drafting a provisional patent application;
* Drafting a non-provisional patent application;
* Drafting a design patent application.

Patent Prosecution (Responding to Office Actions) -

* Review of Office Actions submitted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including references submitted;
* Preparing and submitting relevant document to the USPTO, including assignments, declarations, and numerous USPTO forms;
* Preparing and submitting responses to USPTO office actions;
* Preparing and submitting appeals to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB);
* Preparing and submitting post grant proceedings, including inter partes reviews and reexaminations.

Trademark Searching, Filing & Prosecution (Responding to Office Actions) -

* Conducting detailed federal and local searches;
* Preparing and submitting trademark applications;
* Trademark searching performed in relevant industry classifications;
* Legal standards for trademark reviewed and analyzed for proposed registration;
* Services include review of Office Actions submitted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and preparation and submission of arguments regarding trademarkability;
* Monitoring of trademarks services provided;
* Advanced procedures, including appeals for refused marks and oppositions handled on behalf of clients.
Main Office

Main Office (DC Metro Area)
6701 Democracy Blvd.
Ste. 555
Bethesda  MD  20817

  • (202) 248-5410
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Free Initial Consultation?


Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

Patent Search (US and International References): $650.00 ||
Provisional Patent Application: $2500 ||
Design Patent Application: $2670 || Utility Patent Application: $5000+ (please call us)

Hourly Rates

Rates vary depending on attorney's experience and nature of work; most counsel have 2+ decades of experience

Other Offices

  • IP Law Leaders PLLC (Washington, DC)
    1701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
    Ste. 300
    Washington,  DC  20006
  • IP Law Leaders PLLC (Silicon Valley)
    2225 East Bayshore Road
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Intellectual Property

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

IP Law Leaders is a leader in protecting intellectual property rights for innovators and business leaders, from Fortune 100's to startups and individual inventors. The combined experience of our registered patent and trademark attorneys numbers hundreds of years and thousands of cases. Our attorneys and consultants include former U.S. Patent and Trademark Office examiners, high tech engineers and biotech scientists. We offer a broad range of technical expertise, from simple electro-mechanical to the most sophisticated software and chemical applications. Our firm philosophy is to protect our client's intellectual property efficiently, effectively, and exceptionally.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Why choose our firm?

In addition to our value based pricing and our breadth of IP technology experience, we offer not only IP drafting, filing and prosecution services, but more complex services: analyses/opinions, transactions/contracts and litigation/appeals.

This distinction is critical. Smaller, boutique firms like ours, which are affordable for small business, can typically only credibly provide good work product for IP drafting/filing/prosecution, or corporate/transactions, or general litigation/appeals, but not a combination and especially not an IP-focused combination. This has much to do with the compartmentalized training of attorneys, and pricing differential between legal practice areas. Our real competitors are actually general practice firms with experienced counsel across broad areas of IP, but unfortunately for startups, small business and individual innovators, big firms mean big dollars, high-priced budgets that can break the bank.

That is our real differentiator - much more for less.

And why is having both core IP work and more complex services, like litigation, available from the same boutique firm important to you, as the client? Take patent services as an example. It is one thing for a firm to handle the searching, drafting, filing of a patent application, and prosecution (i.e., working with the USPTO to get the patent allowed). It's another, however, for the patent to hold up to the due diligence of sophisticated investment firms when seeking funding, or that of major corporations when selling/licensing IP assets, or to the enforceability of the patent in the judicial system.

Recent statistics indicate over 46% of issued patents are invalidated when contested in the court system. What that means is that the value of your patent does not depend solely on having it issued by the USPTO, but also being able to enforce ownership rights, or proving enforcement value to investors and business partners. Trying to protect your IP with a weak patent may actually devalue your property.

Would that entrepreneurs and small business were better made aware of these facts! That's why we say that our best client is one who has been through the IP process with another firm before us, and has experienced the valleys as well as the peaks.

What are your firm's strengths and style?

Based on the above facts, here is our value proposition.

By virtue of our design as a firm, and our interest as entrepreneurial counsel, we provide collaboration between attorneys with multiple legal backgrounds, and foster deeper breadth of experience for our attorneys. That means that the attorneys prosecuting your patents and trademarks are either also thoroughly skilled in licensing and litigation, or the team drafting/reviewing the work product is offering these skill sets.

When our attorneys are drafting the claims for your patent application, they are considering the ramifications for both the patent examiner's review and the enforcement capability and ultimate value of the issued patent. We believe this provides our clients immeasurable value.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Our services are specialized in IP, because our attorneys have practiced in the IP field for decades. Our counsel hold graduate degrees from leading institutions, have practiced in both the high technologies and the life sciences industries as engineers and scientists, and have served in key governmental positions such as patent examination. We do IP, and do it very well!

Andrew C. Aitken

Andrew C. Aitken is a skilled lawyer who brings some 25 years of experience in procurement, prosecution and licensing of intellectual property matters. He also has an extensive track record of successfully litigating intellectual property and other commercial disputes throughout the country . . .

For more, please see our bios:

Kasey Christie

Kasey Christie has been practicing law for over 17 years with law firms in the Pacific Northwest. His expertise is assisted by having served as chief intellectual property (IP) counsel for companies and in professional practice. . .

For more, please see our bios: https://www.iplawleaders.com/leadership/

Daniel J. Eisenberg

Daniel J. Eisenberg (Dan) is an experienced registered patent attorney, having drafted numerous patent applications in the mechanical, Internet and business methods fields. Mr. Eisenberg is also well versed in trademark and copyright practice. . .

For more, please see our bios: https://www.iplawleaders.com/leadership/

Michael Liu

Mr. Liu's experience includes having served as general counsel for leading global technology corporations, and lead outside counsel for principal engagements. Mr. Liu's substantive legal experience includes business transactions, corporate governance and high stakes technology . . .

For more, please see our bios: https://www.iplawleaders.com/leadership/

Bryan E. Repetto

Bryan E. Repetto represents clients in the areas of intellectual property, healthcare law, business law, and business and intellectual property transactions. While representing clients across diverse industries, Mr. Repetto's patent practice has particular focus in the areas of life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare. . .

For more, please see our bios: https://www.iplawleaders.com/leadership/

Emmanuel Rivera

Emmanuel Rivera has been practicing law for over 16 years with national firms based in the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and Austin. Mr. Rivera has worked with and represented numerous high technology
corporations, including Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard . . .

For more, please see our bios: https://www.iplawleaders.com/leadership/

Christopher P. Rogers

Chris has 20 years of patent experience. Most of his patent experience has been in the role of in-house counsel in big pharma (GSK, Abbott Labs and ALZA/J&J) having responsibility for worldwide patent portfolios covering commercially successful drugs and medical devices. . .

For more, please see our bios: https://www.iplawleaders.com/leadership/

Cameron H. Tousi

Cameron H. Tousi, the firm's managing partner, has broad intellectual property (IP) and business transactions legal experience, and counsels the world's leading companies on their most sophisticated issues. He provides clients over 20 years of breadth and diversity in industry experience. . .

For more, please see our bios: http://www.iplawleaders.com/people/

Joshua Chang

Prior to practicing as an attorney, Hon. Joshua Y. Chang served as a District Court judge, with specialization in criminal and civil matters, and Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, for nearly ten (10) years. . .


* Nolo has confirmed that every member attorney has a valid license and is in good standing with the state agency that licenses lawyers. Any past disbarments and suspensions (with possible exceptions for minor violations or nonpayment of dues, in our discretion) will be indicated accordingly in the badge. Member attorneys are required to notify Nolo immediately if they become the subject of any disciplinary action by any state licensing agency.