Law Office of Barry Jay Reiss

Law Office of Barry Jay Reiss

New York Law Firm Represents Clients in Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Matters

Firm Overview

The Law Office of Barry Jay Reiss counsels creative individuals and companies who need assistance with entertainment and intellectual property legal issues. Based in New York City, I represent clients nationally and internationally. If, for example, you want a knowledgeable attorney to review an agency agreement or a recording contract, or if you seek to register your copyright protection for a screenplay, the Law Office of Barry Jay Reiss can skillfully represent you.

The law practice of attorney Barry Jay Reiss is dedicated to entertainment and intellectual property law. I represent major talent in music, media, literature and fashion. I service my clients with a powerful combination of legal and business skills, based in part on my career experience as a senior executive in major and start-up entertainment, multimedia, Internet and direct marketing companies. You can expect the following when you are represented by me:
-Industry experience - I have been on "both sides of the table," as a lawyer representing talent, and as an executive doing business with talent. I understand contractual issues and business drivers, which puts me in position to be a highly effective advocate for my clients.
-Focused knowledge - The Law Office of Barry Jay Reiss is dedicated to entertainment industry law and resolution of intellectual property issues for entertainment industry clients. I am respected by clients and peers for my skill in representing professional music artists, actors and other professionals. Much of my business comes through referrals from other attorneys and clients who respect my work.

The Law Office of Barry Jay Reiss focuses on entertainment law and intellectual property areas of practice:
-Entertainment Law - I can help you if you compose it, write it, sing it, play it, dance it, act it, model it, conduct it, paint it, design it, photograph it, film it, tape it, record it, direct it, produce it, edit it, distribute it, exhibit it, publish it, broadcast it,webcast it, or direct market it.
-Intellectual Property - I work to protect my client's intellectual property including using copyright and trademark.
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Intellectual Property
New York Intellectual Property Law Firm Protects Innovation
Experienced attorney uses more than ten years of experience to protect clients' creative property
Intellectual property is created by the human mind. The creativity element distinguishes it from personal, intangible or real property. Protecting intellectual property is different than protecting other assets. When handling intellectual property, attorneys must consider how to preserve the value of concepts, designs, ideas and innovations, rather than merely tangible items. Attorney Barry Jay Reiss has more than ten years of experience maintaining the value books, screenplays, music, art, inventions, slogans, branding and business secrets through:

-Trade secrets

Registering your copyrights
You have an exclusive right to the work you produce when you put it into a tangible form, such as a book, photograph, musical composition, computer program or movie. Your work automatically gains federal copyright protection upon production. I can help you register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office to protect it from unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution.

Preserving your business image through your trademarks
Trademark protects your commercial branding, logo, picture or design from use by others. Even use of a confusingly similar look, name or logo can constitute trademark infringement. At the Law Office of Barry Jay Reiss, I file your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Safeguarding your business trade secrets
A formula, recipe, method, process or plan distinctive to your business constitutes a trade secret. Trade secrets are intrinsic to the success of your company and give you the competitive edge. When these unique functions are revealed, your company's value is compromised. I help you protect your business through nondisclosure agreements and employment protocol.

Barry Jay Reiss


Admission Details
Admitted in New York

Law School Attended
Columbia Law School
cum laude

University Attended
Columbia College
American History

Associations & Memberships
New York State Bar Association
Barry is a graduate of Columbia College and received a Bachelor of Law Degree, Cum Laude, from Columbia Law School. After a short stint as a labor attorney, Barry entered the music business as a junior partner in the firm representing such artists as Herman's Hermits, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.

After five (5) years Barry was lured out of private practice by Clive Davis to join him at CBS Records where he became Vice President of Talent Contracts. When Clive left CBS he asked Barry to join him to help form Arista Records where he served as Administrative Vice President from its inception for its first five years.

When MCA Records decided to start an east coast record label ("Infinity Records") Barry moved from Arista to MCA as Executive Vice President of Infinity Records. When Infinity was merged into MCA Records, MCA asked him to stay on to help form its "ancillary" entertainment divisions. In that capacity Barry served as Vice President for Legal and Business Affairs from their inception of MCA Home Video, Universal Pay Television and MCA Video Disc. He also served as Vice President of Merchandising Corporation of America (the studio's merchandising arm) and of MCA's Trademark and Copyright division as well as continuing to service MCA Records' east coast operations. In 1986, Barry was additionally appointed East Coast General Counsel for MCA, Inc. responsible for all east coast legal matters for MCA Inc. and its east coast book publishing, toy and Spencer Gifts divisions. In that capacity Barry guided MCA's acquisition of Grosset and Dunlap, Playboy Books and LJN Toys.

In 1989, Barry left MCA to re-enter private practice representing such clients as U2, Valient Comics, The Allman Brothers Band and Universal Television.

In January of 1995, Barry returned to the corporate world as Senior Vice President of Business and Consumer Affairs for The Columbia House Company responsible for Business, Consumer and Government Affairs for The ColumbiaHouse Company responsible for Business, Consumer and Government Affairs which included negotiating the Company's major licensing agreements, as well as representing the company's interests in federal and state legislative matters, postal issues consumer relations activities and the Company's launching of its two internet sites.

In March of 2000 Barry left ColumbiaHouse to return to the private practice of law.

Barry has served as a member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) Labor Negotiation and Anti-Piracy Committees, the RIAA Copyright Law Revision Committee, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Postal Commerce and on the Government Affairs and Privacy Committees of the Direct Marketing Association. He is currently an Executive Committee member of the Music For Youth Foundation, serves as a mentor for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and was recently featured on Sky Radio's "Americas Best Lawyers".
  • Columbia Law School