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The Uma Law Group

Advocates in Business, Employment, Intellectual Property and Healthcare

Firm Overview

The Oracle Legal Group provides a comprehensive range of business services. Because we are a personalized law firm, we will work closely with you to determine which approach is best for resolving your complex legal issues. We have tech-savvy attorneys who specialize in intellectual property, contracts, licensing, healthcare, and employment law.

Whatever your new business may be, we can create or negotiate your technology and vendor contracts and protect your intellectual property.

We also have an extensive background assisting physicians and healthcare companies in their entrepreneurial and employment endeavors. We can ensure that you understand every part of your employment contract and negotiate with your employer for better terms. If you are looking to create or expand a healthcare entity, we can suggest ways to structure your company to avoid fraud and abuse pitfalls, draft your vendor contracts, and help with a wide range of compliance questions.

What sets us apart from other law firms is our broad range of experience, our creativity, our integrity, and our unflagging efforts to achieve our clients' objectives.
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What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Our lawyers have extensive experience in business, healthcare, employment, and intellectual property law. Our educational backgrounds are wide-ranging and include business, healthcare administration, journalism, and engineering. The Uma Law Group uses these talents and backgrounds to provide the best legal services possible for our business clients.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

What sets us apart from other firms is our broad range of experience, our creativity, our integrity, and our unflagging efforts to achieve our clients' objectives.

Uma Bansal, Managing Partner

Ms. Bansal has developed a practice that provides a comprehensive range of legal services to startup companies, established businesses, and technology entrepreneurs. She handles corporate work for her clients ranging from helping startups form their business entities to drafting and advising on complex corporate contracts and employment agreements and helping to structure acquisitions and mergers,. She has spear-headed management of her client's intellectual property portfolio, including but not limited to, registration of trademarks and patents, and intellectual property licensing deals.

Ms. Bansal deeply believes in Mr. King's saying, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Ms. Bansal fought against corruption in a broken system while at the Human Rights Law Network. As a civil rights advocate, Ms. Bansal has worked tirelessly on state and Federal cases involving false arrest, excessive force, unreasonable searches, personal injury, wrongful death, malicious prosecution and First Amendment violations.

Ms. Bansal had the opportunity to battle municipal corruption and wrongdoing through a Seipler v. McHenry County, helping to put an end to racial profiling by the McHenry County. She led a team and won a favorable verdict in a Federal court case involving the abuse of a young boy in Smith v. City of Chicago. To date, Ms. Bansal has won favorable verdicts for her clients in both forums.

To contact Ms. Bansal email her at [email protected] or call (773) 676-2436 today!

Uma Bansal, Esq