Smart Employers: Require Trademark Training

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Whether your business is large or small, it is important that your employees understand your brand. This branding could include trademark logo, understanding trademark product or trademark property.  You must ensure that your employees are using your trademarks properly and that your employees understand trademark use, in general.  The solution is trademark training.  First, your employees need to be able to identify your trademarks.   In short, a trademark is a brand name.  To function as a trademark, the mark must be a source identifier, i.e. the trademark must be perceived by consumers as indicating a source in relation to products and services.  Ensuring that your employees recognize your trademarks can help you prevent your mark from becoming weak or worse, generic in the industry.  For example, teach your employees the difference between your product name and your trademark.  

Generic terms escalator and cellophane were once trademarks.  You can cut cost tremendously by providing your staff with invaluable trademark training.  Educating your staff by providing them with your companys trademark policies is imperative.  Cut costs by articulating to your staff at least what constitutes a trademark, what makes the trademark weak, strong or generic, and your intentions regarding use of the mark before your staff forwards a trademark application request form to your marketing department or trademark attorney.  Having trademark knowledge prior to inundating your marketing department or trademark attorney with numerous meritless trademark requests will save your company money in the long run!

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